Homefront VS’s Battlefield BC2

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Hey all,

I have only 5 words to describe Homefront


I paid 40 quid for a game where, the graphics are absolutely preposterous, disconnecting many many times (not through bad internet), very very laggy & respawned near the enemy unlimited times. I also noticed that, on Youtube, the guy from KAOS STUDIOS advised that this is NOT a game for snipers and more of a team effort, WTF !!! is he talking about the same game or is he talking about the game he was playing the night before (MODERN WARFARE). There are soo many snipers from rooftops and copious amounts of camping going on, sometimes its a complete joke. The games i was playing was capturing the bases A,B,C, etc to which there were only a few doing so, but the rest of the group (on both sides) were just hammering their sniper rifles. PLAY THE OBJECTIVE FFS !!!!! This reminds me of Call of Duty days. On numerous occasions, i tried to team up with freinds but would not let us do so which was very annoying in the long run. The other thing i noticed was the driving of the tanks ! Compared to BFBC2, these tanks are one of the hardest tests i have ever had to do. The stupid thing would not steer straight and was always facing the wrong way. In the end, i gave up on tanks and other vehicles and stuck to being assault !

I was soo excited for this game and i am now very dissapointed. I have managed to get to an easy lvl of 18 where i can now reload from other dead players YYIIPPEEE ! but have since then stopped playing the game and gone back to my beloved BFBC2 with my clan B2C.

I realised how much BFBC2 is an awsome game and what freindly nice players we have in our community. I have made a lot of good freinds who are extremely goods players and we have fun at the same time. I played last night TEAM DEATH MATCH where its 4 teams of 4 to which as usual, WE OWNED !!

So, in so many words, my personnal opinion is …….. STAY AWAY FROM HOMEFRONT and keep your money until Battlefield 3 emerges !

I will be taking my game back and losing about 20 pounds, but F**k it, its useless and a waste of time.


Tata for now, and see you on the Battlefield

Heli and Tank kills

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Battlefield Medics

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Here’s another poem about our beloved Medics

Me and my clan were stuck in a battle,
When all of a sudden i felt a big  rattle,
My hands were shaking, my fingers went stiff, when i spotted this WOOKIE up in a rift

So there i was staring up at the sky,
When all of a sudden i got a revive,
I stood on my feet holding onto to my guts,
When all of a sudden i’m biting the dust

The WOOKIE was jumping and dancing with pride,
When all of a sudden ANOTHER revive,
So there i was standing back on my feet,
When this almighty big crack put me back in a heap

The WOOKIE was dying from laughter within,
I looked at the MEDIC with a deathly white grin,
He took out his zappers and ran over with pride,
I thought to myself  “WERE ALL GONNA DIE”

He zapped me again when the WOOKIE was scoping,
Once again, i lay there brown bread,
This MEDIC is surely F**KING brain dead

The MEDIC revives me and i’m not impressed,
I’ve come to the conclusion, this MEDICS a pest,

By this time the MEDIC is dead,
ALL hail the WOOKIE he’s now laid to rest

We all love a MEDIC when the timing is fine,
But for F**K sake dont do it when the flag is NOT mine

So for all of the MEDICS who keep us alive,
Remeber your team mates and DONT just revive,

Please dont revive us when the going gets bad,
COZ next time you do it, your gonna be tagged

Thank you for your time and all stay alive,
Just watch for the MEDIC who loves to revive



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It was a night to remember in Panama Canal,
When i came across something that smelt so foul,
I looked to my left and looked to my right and couldn’t see nothing within my sight,
I crept around and felt a bit crookie when all of a sudden a GOD DAMN WOOKIE,

I shot at him he shot me back we then ran around like dogs on crack,
I lay on the floor rolling in laughter, its like a fairy tale A HAPPY EVER AFTER
The WOOKIE is dead I shout down the mic when along came his freind the dirty little TIKE,
We danced around like Torvil and Dean when i pulled out a pistol and blew out his spleen,
He spawned at B with furious anger,
You cant catch me you silly Flanker !

Well that was it and crying with joy when along came his buddy “THEWOOKIEBOY”,
He looked at me, i looked at him, i gave him the most dirtiest ugliest grin
He looked on the floor and saw his dead mates,
He ran like a Cheetah, on roller skates

Well this is the end and now off to the bookies,
Lets be a nice clan and all hug the WOOKIES

B2C clan !!!!


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So, there is was palying Battlefield last night, when HEY PRESTO i get logged of BFBC2 !

What a suprise, so i log back on and join another game where as usual, i was kicking ass when WTF, KICKED OFF AGAIN ! FFS god damn BFBC2 servers ! So, i join another game and 5 minutes into playing, BOOM kicked again.

By this time, i am completely going RADIO RENTAL and my waife and baby are looking at me in a weird and unusual way as the air turned blue with anger ! My son thought it was funny at this time to throw one of his toys at me which hit my screen, which was NOT funny, the little monster 🙂

Anyways, i carried on to which me old mate dvotee came on to play as well. Guess what, we were both kicked off numerous times and got really fed up with it.

With that, i decided to download the new maps for Black OPS First Strike. Once loaded, i then started to play the new maps and beleive it or not, in my opinion, they are actually quite good. There was NO lag or server issues and GUESS WHAT, I had a full party every single time. Dont get me wrong, i still love BFBC2 but sometimes, its nice to get onto a different game and kick ass ! LOL

My opinion is…………….. Its good to have First Strike as it is a good addon when BFBC2 fails as you will guaranteed a good nights gameplay.

So, at the moment, i am favouring BOFS as its a good solid game with no disruptions or lag at the moment but we shall see in the near future as lag issues do play a big part in  MW games.

happy hunting


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Hi Folks

Well, just starting watching the new chapter of  Top Gear on BBC2 to which i am a mad fan. I have been to a few shows held at Earls Court, London which was excellent and great fun.

BUT….. SOMETHING has been bothering me ! Who is the new Stig ?

As always, everyone who watches Top Gear always thinks the same ! BUT….. i think i have the answer as to who the NEW STIG is !!!!!!!!!

As i say, being a Top Gear avid fan, i have watched practically every series and everyone they have made, and i have come to a conclusion on who it is !

If you remember back a couple of series, Top Gear were talking about racing drivers who brake with their LEFT FOOT. Well, there is only 1 driver known who only uses this left foot and that is Micheal Schumacher! BUT WAIT….. if you remeber the serious where Jeremy Clarkson went to the Nuremburg ring where he was driving the Jag and also where Hampster was driving the Ford Trasnit van. On them 2 episodes, Sabine the German Racing driver was using her Left foot to brake which was mentioned by her that only Michael Schumacher and her can only do because its too hard to accomplish. If you noticed on the van scene, there was a camera by the foot peddles which showed her using her LEFT FOOT.

Well, on Sunday’s (30th JAN 2011) where it was the Top Gear Australia vs’s Top Gear UK where a number of races took place. One of the races we used Stiggy to which again, there was a camera by the foot peddles and GUESS WHAT…… the driver was using the LEFT FOOT for braking…….. Very suspicious !!!!! The Stigg also seemed to be short in height which Sabine is as well. Now it Cant be Michael Schumacher as he’s busy in F1 OR is he ?

I dont think it would be MS as he has already appeared on Top Gear playing a hoax as Stiggy but who knows, i could be totally and utterly WRONG in all aspects !

Well, if you are a Top Gear fan, Its just a little brain teaser to see if YOU can work out who the stiggy is.

I’m gonna stick with my opinion and stay with Sabine as she always seems to have little parts on Top Gear and with the old Stig being revealed by the press and Stupid actions being brought against him, it maybe was a little short notice to find another Stig to which Sabine was brought on. LETS FACE IT, she is a superb driver and a well known face in Germany.

Once again, I could be 1000 percent wrong and barking up the wrong tree !!!!! We will find out soon enough !!!

Happy thinking Top Gear Stiggy fans !!!!!!

Commodore 64

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Just been reading up on a freinds Blog page and sat back in amazment !

I was just reading up on DrunkinDunkin about page to which i saw the magic words COMMODORE 64 !

This was my first computer i got at 11 years of age and OMFG, it was my pride and joy….. sniff sniff (tears in my eyes) After many years of playing Commodore 64 with around 300 games, i grew up and found my man side and started Drinking and being a typical Teenager ! At this time, my Commodore 64 was subjected to a cardboard box along with the games and shoved in the loft where it stayed until the prime young age of 33 (YES I KNOW ITS OLD !!!). One day as i was sitting at home bored out of my skull, i remebered the C64. I got up off my arse and decided to go in the loft and retreive my long lost PAL,FREIND,BUDDY ! I plugged the machine in ,wired it up to the telly and hey presto, the F***ING thing didnt work ! balls,bums and ass aches, what a waste of time that was !!! It went back in the loft and stayed there until i went on e-bay one day.

Keyed in Commodore 64 and holy S**t, A used C64 with games, controllers and many other things for only 40 quid. My brain kicked in and thought, this aint gonna work, probably broken, but anyway i paid and sent off for it. Well, i waited and waited until DING DONG, ITS THE FRONT DOOR BELL yahhoooooooo its my C64, and guess what, IT WORKS and WORKS BLOODY WELL. So, my point now is, can you remember your C64 days and do you remember all of the follwing ?


SIGH, those were the days spending many housr playing the Hobbit and always getting eaten by the Trolls with the bulbous eyes ROFL ! I even had the walkthrough book and still Bloody failed, i mean WTF !

I still have my fully functional C64 with hundreds of games and willing to take goods offers for this original masterpiece ! THATS if i dont change change my mind and frame it on the wall lol !

Anyways, happy thoughts and memories on C64 🙂


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Well, looks like a new clan tag has been put in place thanks to Donncha & Dvotee !

B2C is an excellent tag which stands for Bravo 2 Company !

My personnal opinion for a clan is  TBC (TEA BAG COMPANY) which used to be used quite frequently in my HALO 2/3 days which looked al lot better.

SO, Lets have a little vote B2C or TBC ?

On a serious side, i beleive that, if we can get all the boys on, we can make a serious and well known clan as we have the power and knowledge and ferocity to be a feared clan. I hope we can get more people join our excellent party and make new friends as we go along.

I am hoping we can all get gaming before BF3 comes out so we can be prepared for when the new version comes alive !


Cya all soon

Battlefield BC2 V’S Black OPS First Strike

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Hmmmmmmm Decisions, Decisions ?!

What to do !

So, the question is……. Do i get the new Black Ops First Strike, or stick with BFBC2 ???????

Do i really want to get the new game “First Strike”, when i didnt really think much of  Black OPS when it came out !

The problem lies with BFBC2 coz i’m having soo much fun and having a good time playing with freinds, but its sometimes nice to swap over and have a little fun on other games.

hmmmmmmmmm…………. BFBC2 or BOFS ………. damn damn damn

SOD IT, gonna take the plunge and get it later. Watch this space for my comments to see wether to get it or AVOID it .

See, the reason i am confused is due being a little deflated with BFBC2. Dvotee and myself have been playing everynight to which we have seen some unusual but interesting moments. We have noticed that some players (mainly lvl 50’s) are taking whole clips with our M16’s and G3’s and NOT dieing, to which they trun around, shoot us once and BOOM WERE DEAD ! This has happened now for about 3 nights ! We are not the most excellent awsome players, but we can hold our own with more kills than deaths. We are now experiencing more deaths than kills at this point which seems a little fishy and unfair (MAYBE WE ARE SHYTE AND JUST GETTING PWND). Is anyone else having these problems ?

The reason could also be something to do with the Internet and ping rates. We could just be having local internet problems and having a slow period. OR it could just be that we are getting OLD and the younger players are super quick !!!

Well, watch this space for a review on BOFS


BFBC2 Killing Machine

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Hey guys

I had the best night on BFBC2 with me ol’e mate Dvotee last night. As usual, me and Dvotee were running around capturing bases and kicking people BUTTS ! As usual, i was just running around like a headless chicken firing at anyone is see move including my own players OOPS until we came to the end of the match when i was amazed at my score ! WTF am i seeing straight ? 48 kills 23 deaths ! holy shit and it wasnt even recorded, BUMMER !

One day, i will get a recoding device and prove to you that i can be an ultimate killing machine ! NOW hands up who wants to be on my team 🙂

GOD, i remeber those days at school and i never got picked until last, UP YOURS old school class enemies !!!!!

I have just read DVOTEE’S post on last night, and thanks matey, its quite nice to see someone who cares 🙂 QUICK GET ME A BUCKET !!!! joking. I would say its all in the wrists and NO I AM NOT A TOSSER !!!! just ultimate skill and seeing the baddies i.e. SNIPERS, I HATE SNIPERS !

Speaking of Snipers, i was 2 snipers nemesis last night, so up yours BUSH WOOKIES !!!